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About Our Church
The San Diego Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is located in Central San Diego County, within the community of Poway, CA.

Our church family has a history that you may be interested in knowing. On November 5, 2011, we officially became the newest Seventh-day Adventist Church in San Diego County. After over a year of talks, planning, and prayer, four groups merged to create a brand new church. The four groups were the Poway SDA Church (with the North County Filipino Adventist Group), the San Diego Korean SDA Church, and Growing Vine Ministries. When talks began about the merger, it became clear that God was, indeed, leading. We selected our name based on the geographical fact that our church facility is located in the heart of Central San Diego County. The location of our church on Pomerado Road is actually the original location of the former Poway SDA Church.

Throughout the year, and as we reminisce about our annual anniversary, we are praising God for our new church family, our new church building, and our healthy growth. We honor and celebrate our 50+ year history of our ministry in the Poway community, and our 40+ year history of our Korean ministry in San Diego.

The San Diego Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is part of a world-wide organization with more than 15 million members in countries around the world.  We would be happy to have you join us in worship or at one of the church events listed on our

The San Diego Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is called to embrace our diverse community, meet true needs in genuine Christian love, and draw everyone into a vibrant, transforming relationship with God in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ.

Our church is a foretaste of Heaven in San Diego County. People come to this oasis to heal from the challenges of life. In our church family:
  • We accept each other, recognizing that we are all on our own spiritual journey in a relationship with Jesus.
  • We seek to understand, appreciate, celebrate, and grow from each others’ uniqueness.
  • We are passionate about the good of our community, and we are personally involved in creating that good.
  • By God’s love and character living out in us, people are drawn to Jesus, find meaning, and become like Him.
We accomplish our mission and vision by living out what we value most. Our values influence our decision, ministry plans, and keep us focused on our unique call from God.
Our Relationship With God
God’s word is our highest authority and we depend on God through prayer. God is the center of our lives and all we do are acts of worship to Him.
Our Growth for Service
Continual training and mentoring are important for us to grow, to be active disciples of Jesus who are serving with our unique gifts and strengths.
Our Relationships with Each Other
We come together to connect and find comfort from the daily challenges of life. We demonstrate unconditional acceptance and healing toward each other. We are authentic, forgiving, and humble. We laugh and play together.
Our Love in Action
We share God’s love with everyone and we do this by treating each other as we are treated by Jesus. Everyone of us are actively involved in serving our church family, community, and world.
Our Younger Generations
Our children, youth, and young adults are important to the life of our church family. In our worship, growth, relationships, and service, our young people experience Jesus as a personal friend, and develop and use their talents to lead.

Pastor Hwi Kim, Senior Pastor
Pastor Joshua Bae, Associate Pastor

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