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We are searching for a Filipino Ministry Coordinator

Title Ministry Coordinator, Filipino Ministries
Report to San Diego Central SDA Church Senior Pastor
Department Tagalog Ministry at the San Deigo Central SDA Church, SECC

Job Summary

The Ministry Coordinator is nominated and elected by the local church and approved by the Southeastern California Conference to work with the Filipino Ministry.  The Southeastern California Conference is an “at will” employer.

Job Description

The role of the Ministry Coordinator will be to nurture and grow the Filipino Ministry.  The individual should have the following qualities:  Godly, speaks Tagalog, organized, knowledgeable about the bible , ability to teach others, trustworthy, sensitive to the needs of the members, can communicate well with others, can relate to other cultures and is dependable.   He/She is expected to model a deepening relationship with Christ through his/her life and interactions with the church.  He/She must be a Seventh-day Adventist member in good and regular standing and must be willing to contribute tithes and offerings to the local church.
Job Duties
  1. Teach the Tagalog Sabbath School Class
  2. Visit the members
  3. Counsel the members
  4. Lead out in Prayer Meeting one day during the week
  5. Conduct Bible studies as needed
  6. Preach during the Sabbath worship service as determined by the Pastoral Staff
  7. Reach out to the Filipino community to teach them about God
  8. Plan and lead out in spiritual retreats
  9. Communicate and support the young people
  10. Equip the members for ministry and evangelism
  11. Miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor
 Job Specifications
Education and/or Experience
Minimum Requirements:
Fluent in Tagalog and English, Experience teaching and preaching, Experience coordinating and running church activities, Experience in evangelism.
Preferred Requirements:
Evangelism/Bible School Training, BA in Theology, Experience performing visitations, Experience and passion for youth ministry.
Working Conditions
The position requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends.  The position is a part time salaried position and while the salary is based upon projected 20 hours per week, the actual number of hours required during any given week are those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.  Furthermore, it is recognized that the schedule may vary at different times of the year.  The Ministry Coordinator is expected to speak/teach the Tagalog class each Sabbath morning, with no more that 4 Sabbaths away from their church each year.  The individual may set their own hours with approval from the Pastoral Staff.
All employees are expected to uphold the values of the local church and the Conference.  Employees are missionaries, demonstrating a desire and a commitment to sharing the love of Christ with guests.  Every act should be seen as a way to witness.
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More Information or to Apply

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