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Welcome, Pastor Bae and Family!

We will welcome Pastor Joshua Bae and his family during a special joint worship service on Sabbath, September 9, 2017, at 11 a.m.  In preparation, we asked him a few questions so that we could get to know him.

Pastor Bae, tell us a little about your early years:
I was born into a newly converted Adventist family in Korea. My mother comes from a large family. They are all Adventist, and are serving various roles in their local churches in Korea. My maternal grandfather, a minister of a Sunday keeping church in Korea, received the Adventist message and led the entire family to the Adventist faith. All of my father's side of the family are Buddhist, except for my father who is SDA.

How did you decide to become a pastor?
I attended Adventist schools all of my life. My mother always wanted me to become a pastor, but I thought my talents and gifts were not in ministry; however, God brought me back to ministry each time I headed in a different direction. 
How did you meet your wife? 
I met my wife, Jasmine, while teaching in Guri, Korea. The school had a church next door where all of my coworkers attended. Among the group, Jasmine, shined so I asked her out. It was the best decision I ever made. I believe God put me there in that school to introduce me to her so we could be coworkers in ministry. 

How has God lead you in ministry?
Upon completion of the Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary in May 2012, Jasmine and I had no idea where God was going to lead us. Without connections in the USA, and with all of our relatives living in Korea, we were unsure of our future. Through the right people and lots of prayer, we were led to Southeastern California Conference in Riverside, CA. 

Jasmine and I have been serving at the Riverside Korean Church in English ministry for the past five years, and my ordination at the Riverside Korean Church earlier this summer was a milestone we celebrated in our ministry.

How many kids do you have?
We have two beautiful children, JJ (10) and Ashley (7).  We are so thankful for them.
How do you prefer we address you?
Please call me Pastor Joshua or Pastor Bae. 

What is your career background and Work Accomplishments?
I have worked as an English teacher in Korea teaching adult classes and children's programs for five years where I met my wife Jasmine. Then my wife and I decided it was our calling to do ministry and we moved to Andrews University so I could complete the Master of Divinity program. I pastored at Staten Island Korean SDAChurch in New York as a youth pastor for a year as my internship. I also worked as a part-time youth pastor at Schaumburg Korean SDA Church in Chicago for two years while I was attending Andrews University. After finishing Andrews, my wife and I received a call from Riverside Korean SDA Church as a full-time pastor for the English Ministry, and we've been working there for the past five years and three months before accepting the call from the San Diego Central SDA Church.

Hobbies and interests?
Photography is my hobby. I picked up this hobby in high school, and I still love it to this day. I enjoy shooting weddings, engagements, baby photos, astrophotography and others. 

A little more about your family?
We are the only ones here in the States and my relatives as well as my wife's are all in Korea. We love hiking and traveling. 

Mission, vision, values?
My vision and mission is to support the vision and mission of the church. So the goals and visions of the church will be mine, as well. For example, English Ministry mission at our previous church was to focus on the family ministry, children's ministry and campus ministry. So I worked on those. I am looking forward to working with SDC.

Why did you accept the call to come be our pastor?
God's calling is the only reason why we decided to accept the call. We felt that it was God leading us to SDC after much prayer. So we believe there much be some work God wants us to do here. 

How you want to start working with our church?
I will listen to what the church members want to do before starting the work. I will talk with people to find the needed work.